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Good Butchers in Polis

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Polis area, recommended Butchers and also take away souvlaki kebab, from Tanja, our local Polis correspondent

Sometimes the best shops are just tucked away out of sight so we are lucky to have Tanja in Polis to advise.


In case anyone needs to know about a good butcher in Polis, you may like to try Pambos Lambides.

Driving instructions:

From Argaka: Take the left turning just before Orfanides Supermarket.  Pambos Butchery is there immediately on your right. From other direction: Take the first right turning after Orfanides Supermarket. Pambos Butchery is there immediately on your right.BBQ with rotisserie at Villa Ampelitis, Paphos, Cyprus

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Fresh Fish in Polis

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For our Polis clients who enjoy fish on the BBQ, we would like to bring your attention to Fishmarket Psaragora Karamanos, which is frequented by the locals.

He sells all sort of fresh fish (sea bass, sea bream, snapper etc) and seafood (mussels, prawns etc).

Fish on the BBQ

Fish on the BBQ



We would recommend you go there early in the morning, definitely before 1pm, but the earlier the better. This fishmarket is next door to Christian Optical House, which is at the crossroad where the 2 x Polis Pharmacies are. Read More