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Bus route changes affecting Argaka

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Update re new schedule of bus route affecting Argaka

To double check confusion over the new schedule commencing July 2015, Joanna in Argaka called Osypa Bus Office in Polis and spoke to the two drivers doing this route. They were telling her as long as the clients are standing at the bus stops which are near Liza’s Place and near Sykamia Kiosk on the Argaka Seafront Coast Road, the bus will stop and will pick up guests. To be sure please hail it so driver is aware of your intention.

It will pass from Argaka 15 – 20 minutes after departing from Pachyammos.

Bus No. 643A is connecting Polis and Pachyammos and passing lower Argaka on the seafront road. It takes about 10 minutes to reach Argaka after departing Polis.

Going to Polis there is a bus arriving at Argaka at approximately 05.15, 09.45 and 12.45 (Monday to Friday) and 06.15, 10.45 and 13.45 on Saturdays.

Returning to Argaka from Polis at 15.10 and 18.00 hrs Monday to Friday and 7.30 and 10.00 hrs on Saturday. This is based on the actual schedule at present (since 1/7/2015) and may be changed without notice.

When looking at the schedule, please note the bus leaving Pachyammos takes approx 15 – 20 minutes to reach Argaka. 

The 643B coming from Polis to Pachyammos,  goes from Sykamia Kiosk up to “Pano Argaka” village and then  re enters the seafront coast road via a lane near Liza’s place, and goes on  to Pachyammos.

So the 643B bus does not stay on the seafront beach road like the 643A. 

 Bus route Aug 2015


Thank you to Joanna and Nicole in Cyprus for providing this information, for which we cannot be responsible for in any way. Ask your villa owners to direct you to the bus stops.