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Travel Insurance. Helpful links

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Don’t leave it until later! Get Travel Insurance as soon as you book any part of a holiday.

Travel Insurance is vital, and yet many people do not take it out when booking a holiday, which means they are not covered if they need to cancel, or if an airline goes bust.
They leave it until later, something unexpected happens, and they have no travel insurance cover, so cannot claim anything back. Unfortunately this is quite common.

If you are reading this, please ensure you and other members of your party have taken out Travel Insurance for your holiday.

March 2018. Hot Press update. After I sent the Newsletter prompting people to ensure they have got Travel Insurance, client Mr C., who I know has pre-existing medical conditions and is 81 years old, called me to confirm that he had almost given up getting affordable travel insurance, (quotes between £2000 & £4000), but followed the nudges below and has just got an Annual Insurance for £205 with Insure and Go. He said Insure and Go phoned him to ensure the medical history was accurate, he was impressed and can now enjoy his Cyprus holiday, almost his 50th in Paphos!!!!

Just chatting on Sundance Villas Facebook Page about this and another client, Steve, says he always insures with Insure and Go

All Clear Traveller is just one insurer who covers for pre-existing medial conditions

Pre Existing short trip


If you are struggling to get a reasonable quote have you tried WHICH? You can get a month’s membership for a very low cost and search for what you need

Annual Ins

Staysure were voted most trusted Travel Insurance provider by Moneywise in 2017.

I often refer to Money Saving Expert for holiday related information as they are extremely money minded.

In the light of Monarch going bust in 2017 and Ryan Air cancelling flights, which made us all edgy, here is a link that I found of interest:

Does your travel insurance cover an airline going bust?

Top tip: Always read the small print

Cyprus Sun Bargains

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Last minute Cyprus villas. Here are a few offers for low cost villa holidays in Cyprus. Weekly rates include a hamper, and all properties have free Wi-Fi. They are for the property, not per person. If you can go in mid or low season, please contact me, Irene, for offers. Or search like this if dates are flexible:

Cyprus is beautiful in March and April, and quite green. Have you seen our April video here on About Us:

March, April and November are generally the cheapest times to visit Cyprus.

Use this as a guide and contact us for up to date offers and changeover days

The Cottage. A unique cottage for 2 persons with a private garden and private pool. November £350 week, March £385 week

Villa Aphrodite.
28/10 – 5/11 £595. March £392 per week

Villa Filip.  22/10 – 5/11/17 14 nights, £595 week or £550 for 14 nights. March from just £315 week

Villa Katerina. March from £392

Villa Argaka Shore.   Winter from £623 week

Villa Athena.    Winter incl pool heating and house heating. Solar panels are weather dependent. £693 week

Villa Aurora.  21/3 – 28/3/18 £455

Villa Hera. 2 person Winter rate £440 per week. Winter rates here include 1 halogen heater

Villa Iris. March from £448 week

Villa Nicolas. November £595 week and pool is heatable. March from £525 week

Villa Quardia. March from £455 week. November £371 week

Villa Rosa.  March £665 incl pool heating and a pool boost

Villa Timily.  Accessible. Winter offer including air con hot or cold throughout from £595 week

Villa Amorosa.  4 bedrooms, private pool, baby pool. Big sea views! 1 – 17/3/18 £553 week. 8 sharing means £69 ppp wk!

Villa Vineyard View.   15% discount for 2 persons,  1 Sept to 13 July

Villa Alexandros. Low prices for small parties at this 5 bedroom villa,  when dates fit with current bookings.  (Not August.)

Villa Ampelitis. Pool heats to 30 degrees C. 5 nights 1 – 13 March, £763 per week. 12% discount 2 persons