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Green Monday and kite flying in Paphos, Cyprus

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Green Monday is a bank holiday in Cyprus and one the Cypriots all celebrate in a unique way, by going outside and having a picnic on the beach or in the fields.

If I am in the office in London on Green Monday, I always look forward to hearing what our Representative Nicole and Manager Neoptolemos are up to on this day. So instead of giving them a day off, I pester them to find out where they are, and what they are eating.

Nicole in Paphos has kindly told us here what Green Monday means to her:

Kathara Devtera in Greek or Green Monday has been my favourite day in Cyprus for many years. Getting out to the fields with friends and family, having a vegetarian picnic and flying kites is really something special. Already on the way to “our” place at St. George beach we can see people from early morning putting their BBQ, table and chairs up, and the whole sky is  already full of kites! Kites have been promoted for sale for many weeks in the shops.
Kite making.640

As Green Monday is the first day of Lent only vegetables, fruit, octopus or shellfish together with a special sesame bread called “Lagana” only available on this day in the bakery, is served, together with some dips and obviously a glass of beer or wine.


My favourite on this day is the beetroot salad with spring onion, garlic and coriander which I usually only do on this occasion together with some calamari, prawns and avocado dip. For desert we have fruit or semolina pudding with honey, nuts, raisins or as well daktila, syrupy, crunchy finger shaped cookies.


On bigger beaches the municipalities usually organize music and dance and some games to entertain the people.

I personally prefer though the area around St. George (without any itinerary) as my sons enjoy fishing on that day and the area there is suitable to do this.  After finishing the BBQ, the men in the party may play some cards or Backgammon, and the ladies are off for a walk and a catch up chat.


According to weather conditions we may spend the whole day outside and only return in the evening, or we may get together at someones house, as we did this year, to finish the day off with a glass of wine. I really like this wine, look out for it when you visit Cyprus!


And from Neoptolemos in Lysos village: Green Monday, the first day of Lent, the day that all Cypriots are looking forward to, to spend in the nature at the countryside and wishing to have sunny weather to enjoy it at the maximum.
It’s the Monday that Cypriots and Greeks abstain from eating meat.
When I think back  to my childhood the more I realise that those years were more genuine, using only the products we had available,  to prepare the picnic in the countryside in a vegetarian way.
I remember sometimes we used to go to the playground of the school in Lysos,  as more people were there for the children to have more options to play with other children.
The fresh broadbeans were my favourite together with fresh artichokes. Most of the times we were eating them raw uncooked! Sometimes we put them in aluminium paper in charcoal and served them with oil and lemon.
Playing football or volley ball without having any net was a must! Sometimes while we were at playground we were organising competitions of running and fighting.
Nowadays more products are available  as well more seafood, and a picnic could include olives, legumes, fruits, kalamari, octopus, shrimps, oysters, cuttlefish, mussels, the traditional Green Monday bread called “Lagana” and “Halvas” a sweet made with tahini sesame paste).

Paphos Carnival video to celebrate Green Monday 


Here is a link to the next Green Monday dates as it is a great time to enjoy the festivities alongside the Cypriots, so why not include the date in your villa holiday?


Smaller water parks attached to hotels in Paphos, Cyprus

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Sundance Villas Review of the 2 small water parks attached to Paphos hotels, Laura Beach and King Evelthon

Watch our fun packed video of our time at the water parks!

The 2 small water parks are open to non-hotel residents from €15 Euro per adult. These may be useful to accustom your children to the noise, slides and splashing, before taking them to the larger Aphrodite water park. They are also ideal for villa guests who have a late return flight, with some time to kill.

Both Laura Beach and King Evelthon hotels are on the sea front in the Tombs of Kings/Kissonerga area of Paphos, between Paphos and Coral Bay. You can easily take a look inside to assess how busy they are, before you pay to go in.

The Aqua Splash Water Park is located at the 5* brand new luxurious King Evelthon Beach Hotel & Resort in Paphos.


King E Waterpark


Sundance Villas Review of the King Evelthon Hotel Aqua Splash Park, Paphos

We visited this new waterpark in early October 2016.

Having just come from the busy and noisy Laura Beach Hotel splash park, we found that it was wonderfully peaceful as it is totally separate to the grounds of the Hotel, and, as the hotel residents have to pay to use these facilities, it was almost empty. It is also situated on a massive plot so there is lots of space, providing a more calm introduction for younger or nervous children, to the water park atmosphere.

The first thing that impressed us was its cleanliness. The pools were all very clean, the water sparkled. Everything from the toilet/changing facilities, to the sun loungers and umbrellas, was clean and well maintained.

The facilities here include 7 slides: (Black Hole, Compact, Multi, Free Fall, Rafting and Space Hole) as well as a Splash Pool featuring an Octopus slide, Mini private slide, Rabbit & Frog slide, Dolphin Water Jet, Giraffe shower and water gun.  There is also a Lazy River, a Jacuzzi and a beautiful large fresh water swimming pool with steps access and handrails. Cafeteria with shade. WC and showers with lockable storage at no extra charge. Free parking.

We felt there are water experiences here suitable for all ages. Single and double rings are available, the double rings (figure of 8 style) are fantastic if your child is nervous and would rather experience the slide alongside a parent.

There were lots of lifeguards around, even though it was not busy, ensuring that all of the pools were being well observed at all times.

This water park would be fantastic for young/nervous children because of the relaxed atmosphere and open spaces, especially when visiting from the seclusion of a villa rental. The open layout  and space makes it much easier to keep an eye on your children.

Accessibility: One step to the entrance and then level access, suitable for wheelchair or buggy. Separate wheelchair accessible toilets and showers.

Entrance –  €15.00 for adults & €10.00 for children up to 12 years.

Babies up to 3 years old are free.

Important: Clients can go in and out the park as many times you want during the day,  as long as you keep your wristband on.

email: T.+357 26930100


zIMG_3024 zIMG_3023 zIMG_3015


Water park in main grounds of Laura Beach Hotel, Paphos

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Sundance Villas Review of the Laura Beach Hotel Waterpark

This water park feels a lot more condensed than the one at King Evelthon, and as we walked in,  the chutes were above our heads immediately. This made us instantly aware of the participants squeals and the general splash park atmosphere. It has very similar slides and chutes as King Evelthon with the bonus of a wave pool, but no large swimming pool like King Evelthon. There are a wide variety of slides, multi-level spray areas and pools which offer something for the whole family.

When we were there it was fairly busy and this is probably because it is within the hotel grounds, on view to all the guests, so a constant lure. (We understand, as with King Evelthon, the hotel residents have to pay a supplement to use the splash park.)

Facilities include these slides: Crusader with Typhoon tunnel, Kamikaze Free Fall (see video), Multi-lane Mat Race, Float Slide, Tornado Bowl (for 16 year olds and over) and a wave pool. For smaller children there is an activity pool with slides and a toddlers pool. Snack bar. WC and showers. Free parking.

Height restriction: minimum 1.20m
Weight restriction: maximum 100kg (15.75 stone)

Single and double rings are available, the double rings (figure of 8 style) are fantastic if your child is nervous and would rather experience the slide alongside a parent.

You can buy snacks and drinks (local alcoholic and non-alcoholic),  and you can also take your own food.

There were lots of lifeguards maintaining good safety at the various pools and slides.

In our opinion a big draw back is that there aren’t any lockers available here, unlike at King Evelthon.

This park is open from May to October, 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm.

May, June and October €15 adults, €10 for children (under 13 years old)
July, August and September €20 for adults, €15 for children 
(under 13 years old)


T. +357 26 944900


Here you can find info on the much larger Aphrodite water park in Paphos

15% off online. 20% discount for Sundance Villas guests, just ask Nicole your Representative for the discount code 

Under 3’s are free

email: T.+357 26 913 638

Open Every Day from May 1st – 31st Oct