Here is some important information about Cyprus, which is useful to know before you go.

Pre holiday safety
What to pack


Before you go:

Before you leave home: VILLA KEY. You are not met at the villa . Take Villa Directions and Key instructions with you for your arrival, even if you are getting a taxi. The taxi drivers do not have your villa number or (naturally) your key safe info.

Emergency etc: Is the Mobile No at bottom right of Booking Form correct for Cyprus?. Your Rep will TEXT YOU on arrival. And Flight time changes. Please advise us of any flight changes as we will be using the details on the Booking Form.

UK Passports: Health Matters MASTA 09068 224100 Foreign Office
FREE MAPS from: Cyprus Tourist Office London 020 7569 8800. Ask for 3 maps: Cyprus, Polis area and Paphos area. Also info on walks, nature etc. Cyprus Tourist Office in the Arrivals Hall at Paphos is now open daily until 23.00.
Travel books and map: Book includes 36 maps. The Rough Guide Map (all) Cyprus £4.99 2010

Things to take: Tea Bags, coffee, mosquito repellent and wipes, couple of tea towels, "Dry clean” grease remover spray, Antibacterial hand cleanser, Plug in insect repellent/or buy there, 2 pin into 3 pin 240 volt (same as U.K.) travel adapter plugs, 98p on Amazon, Torch. And, more Expensive in Cyprus: sun creams, toiletries, , mosquito bite lotions, (I find Tea tree oil good (Body shop/Boots)). Look at our “What’s New in Travel” on our website under Further Information and our “What to Pack” tick off list under “Before you go”.
Earplugs and drops.
Prevent ear infections & pre buy floatable earplugs online or from sport shops in UK. Chemist in Departures may have some. Also “swim ear” drops sold on some flights now and in Chemists. Wax ear plugs are useless, they sink.
Info on Travel Insurance, credit debit cards charges, sim cards, Euros etc etc:
Convert prices Time: Cyprus time is 2 hours ahead of UK time. Currency: Euro

Flight delays of 45 minutes +, please text Mr Michael on 0035799603450 (mobile) giving him your villa name and your new estimated time of arrival. Car Hire Please contact/text Cy-Breeze Car Hire Co (if you booked with them of course) from UK with delay info to 0035799675575.(mobile) Taxis: Contact them directly: Paphos Area Stevies: + 357 99 675191 mobile. Polis Area Nissos: + 357 26 322666 (Telephone) + 357 99 655707 Mobile.

Air Con. Very expensive to run, It should be set at 25/26 degrees Celsius, no less, as too cold is not good for health. If in doubt ask Owner to check your controls, and show you how to operate remote controls, when he visits.

Electricity: The supply and sockets are same as UK: 240 volts, a.c. 50HZ. Be prepared for a power cut, they are common.

Water: All villas have drinking water in the kitchen via a separate small tap, usually just to the side/beneath main taps.

Expect low pressure, hot water is from solar power, so use it carefully at night if you want some left in the morning.

Toilet paper. This must not be put in toilet, there is a small bin provided by the loo. Plumbers are expensive/chargeable.
Iron and Hairdryer, Pool Towels etc. All villas provide these.
Car Hire and Sat Nav: 5 Euros per day from Cy- Breeze Car Rental when you hire your car from them

Buses: New: Paphos routes including Airports, Market, Waterpark, villages & Ampelitis: Freephone 8000 5588. Also Paphos-Larnaca Airport runs: Alepa Bus Co +35726942069 and E.A.L Bus Co +357 253705 92

Weather??? Check the 7 day forecast weather on or yahoo bbc etc

Duty Free Cyprus. Some good prices AND there is a Duty Free Kiosk and a small bank/ATM in the Carousel area in Arrivals. Supermarket prices in Cyprus can be reasonable for alcohol. Contact Nicole Paphos Rep. for Winery discounts.

Coming home, Paphos Departure Lounge, prices differ enormously on drinks etc. Xpress was way cheaper than Food Village & Café Ritazza etc. Sept 2010.

Large supermarkets in Paphos, handy for when you arrive.

Coming in to Paphos on the B6, you will arrive at the roundabout with the superstores (Debenhams/Next) on your right. Turn right direction Polis and Orfanides supermarket is just up on the right next to MacDonalds.

(If you are coming into Pafos on the highway you need to turn left at the very end of it,  and Orfanides is just down on the left after MacDonalds

Is there a natural way to protect myself from mosquitos on holiday?

We have recently found out about a company called Arnywear. Each item in their range, which includes kaftans and sarongs, is make with a technologically advanced fabric, which, when worn against the the body, releases a fresh-smelling, long lasting natural insect-repelling vapour that's safe for all the family. The large sarong can double up as many things too. Visit
Plug in repellant for in the villa. You can buy the small plug in bottles or the small tablets from supermarkets. (I use these in the bedroom if required.)

The following is a selection of ways to deter these pests suggested by Limehouse Homeopathy. Anecdotally, some strategies work for some people but not others. All of them involve some effort and persistence!

Mosquitoes are no worse in Cyprus than anywhere else in the Med. but you only need one under the table or in your bedroom. Wearing long sleeved and long legged clothing may offer some protection, but not if it is thin enough to be bitten through. Trousers tucked into socks and boots may deter mosquitoes from biting that popular area around the ankles. Any chosen repellant needs to be applied all over, including under the clothes, and reapplied regularly.

Repellants that work internally

  • Avoid bananas - mosquitoes love them! There is something about the way we process the banana oil that attracts biting females.
  • Take 100mg of Vitamin B complex daily. Start before your trip.
  • Add half a teaspoon of vinegar to your water bottle.
  • Eat a teaspoon of Marmite daily.

Repellants that work externally

Research has shown that essential oils do work against mosquitoes, and that products containing Deet are not necessarily better.

  • Avoid any sweet/floral smelling skin products, perfumes or deodorants.
  • Vicks Vaporub is a natural, inexpensive repellant.
  • Use citronella soap.
  • Mix citronella essential oil with a base oil, such as olive or almond (add enough to make the oil smell quite lemony when you apply it to your skin). Geranium, lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, tea tree, grapefruit and lavender are all good oils to mix in with the citronella.
  • Skin So Soft by Avon is a body moisturiser that many people swear by.
  • Buzz Away is another natural product made from essential oils.

Treating bites and wounds

They recommend Insect Bite tincture from Ainsworths. It is not available for web order, but it can be ordered by telephone or purchased from their shop. Apply frequently to relieve itching and prevent sepsis.

Please let us know your success stories.

Discounted Samsonite luggage. ie large, hard sided (classic) suitcase £49 02086815432.

Companions: Lady companion/cook/tutor: 0161 430 2623 Company offering assistance for individuals who wish to travel yet require help with their special needs. Contact Jaimee Duran 01536 501298 Mobile 07950 030776

Peace of mind, whilst you're away.

Everyone needs a holiday and however much you like your home, there's nothing like a change of scenery. We want you to have peace of mind and come back to find everything just as you left it. By following the tips set you below, you can help make your home more secure while you are away.

Make sure your home looks occupied. Ideally, ask a trusted neighbour or friend to look after it (collecting mail, watering plants, feeding the pets etc). Let them have the spare keys but don't put your name or address on the keys.

Don't leave your curtains closed in the daytime as this shows the house is empty.

Use automatic timer-switches to turn on lights on when it goes dark.

Don't leave valuables, like your TV laptop or DVD player, where people can see them through the windows.

Cancel any regular deliveries such as newpapers or milk.

Cut the lawn before you go and trim back any plants that burglars could hide behind.

Put all your tools, ladder etc. safely away and secure your garage and shed with proper security locks.

Make sure that you have up-to-date household insurance. Does it include holiday luggage cover as this can save you money on Travel Insurance.

Make sure you have a record of all of your valuable items and keep it in a safe place.

Do not put your home address on your luggage but put this inside your case.

Finally, don't forget to lock all external doors and windows. If you have a burglar alarm make sure it is set.

What to pack

After forgetting to pack my swimming costume one year, I now use a tick off list to pack.  Here it is:

Hand luggage

Phone, Phone charger, Car charger, Phone book, Passports. (Check dates are
OK), Flight Tickets, Driving licence, Money, Travel cheques, Credit & debit cards, Home keys,  Booking Form, Directions and General Information, Villa details, Guide Books, Reading material for the plane. (I always put my sarong and some warm socks in my plane bag in case the air conditioning is too strong, on the flight.) Plastic see through freezer bag for check in (for liquids/cosmetics).

Paracetamol etc. Scissors. Sun cream. After sun. Hankies/tissues. Mosquito spray. Germoline and plasters. Tea tree oil. Vitamins and medicines.


Sarong, Shoes, Trainers, Jacket/fleece, Hat, Socks, Slippers, Tracksuit-bottoms, Tracksuit tops, Jeans, Trousers, Dresses, Skirts, Vests, T-shirts, Jumper/cardigan, Shorts, Nightwear, Robe and Underwear.


Swimming stuff        

Costumes, Goggles, Earplugs, Toys for beach.

General Suggestions

Batteries, Camera, Camera charger, Films, Video, Watch, Alarm clock, Glasses, Reading glasses, Sunglasses, Torch, Mosquito machines and tablets.

Cards, Games, Reading books, Magazines, DVDs, CDs. I pod, I pod dock etc.


Talcum Powder, Tweezers, Razor, Dental floss, Nail file, Nail Polish Remover, Polish and Clippers, Perfume, Comb, Hair stuff, Flannel, Soap, Bath bag, Tooth paste, Toothbrushes,  Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Cotton wool, Cleanser, Moisturiser, Deodorant, Loo rolls (emergency), and Make-up.


Tea bags, Coffee, Biscuits, Salt, Black Pepper, T-towel,  Kitchen towel roll, Matches, Handful of Washing powder tablets & Dishwasher tablets, Vanish soap, and Dry clean spray.

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