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CYPRUS 10000 years of history and civilisation

Cyprus is a small country with a long history and a rich culture. It is not surprising that UNESCO included the Paphos antiquities, Choirokoitia and ten of the Byzantine period churches of Troodos in its list of World Heritage Sites.

The qualified personnel at any Information Office of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is happy to help organise your visit in the best possible way. Parallel to answering questions and enquiries, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation provides, free of charge, a wide range of publications, maps and other information material. Additional information is available at the CTO website: www.visitcyprus.com


  • 8200 – 1050 BC Prehistoric Age
  • 1050 – 480 BC Historic Times: Geometric and Archaic Periods
  • 480 BC – 330 AD Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Periods
  • 330 – 1191 AD Byzantine Period
  • 1192 – 1489 AD Frankish Period
  • 1489 – 1571 AD The Venetians in Cyprus
  • 1571 – 1878 AD Cyprus becomes part of the Ottoman Empire
  • 1878 – 1960 AD British rule
  • 1960 – today The Cyprus Republic, the Turkish invasion,
  • European Union entry

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