Wine Tasting at Crossroad Cava, Paphos

//Wine Tasting at Crossroad Cava, Paphos

Wine Tasting at Crossroad Cava, Paphos

Wine tasting at Crossroad Cava, Paphos

On this beautifully warm evening, Mum and I had the pleasure of visiting Crossroad Cava with our friends and family for a fantastic night of wine tasting. The four wines that we sampled were from the Vlassides Winery, Limassol, Cyprus. All of the wines were exceptional. In the video above you can hear Mum giving her “expert opinion!”

My personal favourites were the Xynisteri mix and the Merlot which Mum agreed with but our wonderful rep Nicole loved the Sauvignon Blanc and the Shiraz!

We sampled (from left to right) the Xynisteri Sauvignon Blanc mix 2017, Sauvignon Blanc 2017, the Merlot 2015 and Shiraz 2016.

Here is some information about the Xynisteri grape:

You will see the name “Xynisteri” on many white wine bottles in Cyprus, but the name may not be familiar to you. The Xynisteri grape is indigenous to Cyprus, with its dominant limestone soil. This variety flourishes when grown at higher altitudes including the cooler south slopes of the Troodos mountains. This special grape produces a light and refreshing wine, which means that it can also be combined with other white grape varieties. It is also used in the production of the indigenous sweet Commandaria wine, which now has its own Protected Designation of Origin. Xynisteri is the main white grape grown in Cyprus.

As you can see from the video Crossroad Cava offer an incredible range of wine, champagne and spirits at great prices, as well as traditional Cypriot snacks. Parking available right outside. Open every day from 8.30am – Midnight. KONSTANTIAS 18, 8041 Kato Paphos, Paphos, Cyprus. Near Bar Street.

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