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Fresh fish in Polis

For our Polis clients who enjoy fish on the BBQ, we would like to bring your attention to Fishmarket Psaragora Karamanos, which is frequented by the locals.
He sells all sort of fresh fish (sea bass, sea bream, snapper etc.) and seafood (mussels, prawns etc.).

We would recommend you go there early in the morning, definitely before 1 pm, but the earlier, the better. This fish market is next door to Christian Optical House, which is at the crossroad where the 2 x Polis Pharmacies are.

From Argaka to Polis:
Take the coast road back out of Argaka into Polis. Once in Polis, pass the supermarket PAPANTONIOU on the left, then turn right when both Petrolina petrol station and a big church are on your right. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit (the road where you see a petrol station called Lukoil), then drive straight to the end, where you will see a pharmacy on your left. Now turn right, and Christian Optical House is there in the corner with Karamanos fishmarket next door to it.

Coming from Latchi, take the main road to Polis, drive to the end of the road T junction, turn left. Continue until you have one pharmacy on your right and Christian Optical House on your left. Karamanos fishmarket is next door to the Christian Optical House, on your left.

There is also another Fresh Fish outlet on the main road from Latchi to Polis called Psaragora Vasilis. You will see Prodromi Restaurant on your right when coming from Latchi, at the start of Polis Beach.   This fish market is opposite, on your left, in the same building as a restaurant/taverna.

If you come from Polis, follow the main road between Polis and Latchi, start slowing down when you see Pizza Delicioza on your left and Imported Foods on your right. Fishmarket is on your right opposite Prodromi Restaurant on the left. Prodromi Restaurant name is written in English also, but I am not sure if Psaragora Vasilis is, maybe it was only in Greek…

We would welcome your feedback!

Many thanks to our Polis correspondent Tanja for sourcing this information for us.

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