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Good Butchers in Polis

Polis area recommended Butchers and also take away souvlaki kebab, from Tanja, our local Polis correspondent

Sometimes the best shops are just tucked away out of sight, so we are lucky to have Tanja in Polis to advise.

In case anyone needs to know about a good butcher in Polis, you may like to try Pambos Lambides.
Driving instructions:

From Argaka: Take the left turning just before Orfanides Supermarket.  Pambos Butchery is there immediately on your right. From other direction: Take the first right turning after Orfanides Supermarket. Pambos Butchery is there straight away on your right.

BBQ with rotisserie at Villa Ampelitis, Paphos, Cyprus

SOUVLAKI   (kebab cooked over charcoal)
If you fancy a delicious souvlaki kebab, I would like to recommend the one we have tried with G and are very happy with; it is called Agia Marina in Polis.
Driving instructions:
From Argaka: Turn right after you have passed Papantoniou supermarket on your left and when you have a big church and Petrolina petrol station on your right. You come to a roundabout. Take the 2nd exit, and there it is, Agia Marina souvlaki place on your left, next to the Royal Cafe.
From Polis: When you come to the crossing where you have the two main Polis Pharmacies both on your left and right, turn right. This road takes you to a roundabout. Take the 1st exit, and there it is, Agia Marina souvlaki place on your left, next to the Royal Cafe.
Sign of Agia Marina is in Greek only, if I remember correctly. They have made scrumptious chicken souvlaki in a pitta bread for me, and my  husband Giorgos, pork souvlaki in pitta. It is 2nd best souvlaki I have ever eaten in Cyprus, definitely recommend it!

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