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Scenic drives in Paphos and Polis

Cyprus is an incredible island with many great scenic drives, here are a few of our favourites:

Our three bedroom Villa Athena is on the edge of Coral Bay, and from here there is a lovely drive on a quiet tarmac lane to the Sea Caves. The left turns are worth investigating, as they will take you down to the sea, and to Yiallos Taverna, “Oneiro by the Sea” beach bar etc. Beautiful, especially late afternoon and sunset, there are tracks for walking or a stroll next to the sea. There is also a shipwreck right next to “Oneiro by the Sea.”

If you are staying at Polis, there are many drives of course, but two next to the sea are worthwhile.

Polis to Pomos is a beautiful drive and Pomos is a great place to stop for fish.

Driving in the opposite direction from Polis, take the E713 past Latchi, past the Anassa Hotel, pass our 2 beachside villas, 2 bedroom Villa Aphrodite and 4 bedroom Villa Amorosa, and follow signs towards the Baths of Aphrodite, where the road ends, and you have to proceed on foot, as this is the stunning rugged and dramatic Akamas National Park. Boat trips and boat hire are available from Latchi. Recommended.

Blue lagoon, Akamas National Park

With thanks to C.B. for this one:

I enjoy tackling the rougher roads in the Troodos, and we get a 4×4 vehicle just for that reason. You might mention this exciting opportunity in your ‘General info..’, being careful to warn folk not to try this in a normal saloon car. From Agios Dimitrianos near Polemi there is a cracking run with the first third over dirt roads not navigable by saloon cars and all of it fantastically scenic :

Take the E703 through Agios Dimitrianos and, immediately after passing the wall of the Kannaviou Dam, take the track on the left signposted ‘Stavros tis Psokas’. The track is a 20 km over which your speed will never be more than 10 or 15 km/h, and often much less,  (so it takes over an hour to cover this part) — real ‘Bear Grills’ territory. Just before Stavros, the track emerges back onto a road. From there, pick-your-own destination, but I think that the run through Cedar Valley, on to Kykkos Monastery and back home via Pano Panagia (choice of road or more dirt track) is fabulous. The whole trip takes an afternoon. It is, as you have suggested elsewhere, quite tiring but fantastic fun.

Cedar Valley, Cyprus

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