Reasons why renting a villa is better for you than staying in a hotel?

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Reasons why renting a villa is better for you than staying in a hotel?

Well, you do not have to get up at the crack of dawn to put towels on your sun loungers for starters!

Seriously though, it is so much more relaxing having a pool to yourselves. This swan came all the way from Stafford so that my daughter and friend could try and copy a photo of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. It was much more difficult than they thought as the impact of the second woman landing on the swan meant the other one shot off. So they decided to film it, and after about 70 attempts they got this screenshot! I can tell you they would not have even attempted this in a hotel pool with people watching…

Swan Yes

Turn off the alarm clock. Eat what you like whenever you like, and enjoy lay-ins knowing you have not missed breakfast! It has just changed to brunch!

Free Wi-Fi! All our villas have free Wi-Fi, whereas Hotels usually charge for it or it is only available in the lobby or bar.

Free TV streaming via a media box or Satellite TV at most of our villas. We also have a DVD or CD player at many villas

Your pool is open 24 hours at a villa whereas hotel pools have an opening and closing time. Enjoy a cooling midnight swim under the stars at your villa or an early pre-breakfast wake-up swim! With the pool all to yourself!

Quality time! Why make chit-chat with strangers in a hotel, when you could be spending precious quality time with your family in a villa.

Cyprus is perfect for spending time outdoors and at your private pool, reading a book undisturbed, (my favourite), cooking on the BBQ. Try new foods together, playing games, walking on the beach or taking a stroll around the villa lanes, trying the local tavernas for delicious Cyprus food and local Cypriot wines, (my favourite again)

More Space: No comparison, a villa rental wins hands down. There is a fair amount of “down time” on holiday, and a hotel room can feel like a box, so where do you go, the bar? The poolside? If the poolside, are there any spare sun loungers?

Privacy: As you may know, privacy is high on my list when selecting villas for my Portfolio. It is something I always look for on my holidays too. Find our “Romantic and Secluded” villas here.
Many villas are “all over tan” locations, and also perfect for those of us who prefer poolside privacy.

Choose a villa to suit the needs of your party. There are times when you may like to bring the family, so you may choose to be close to the sea, or in the Coral Bay area with lots going on. Other times it may be just the 2 of you, and you can have a two-person discount

Choose the flights from the airport you prefer and the dates. Here at Sundance Villas we provisionally reserve the dates while you book your flights from your local airport. Often the Hotels can only be booked as packages via the main airports. With a villa holiday, you CAN fly from Bournemouth, Exeter, Cardiff, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Aberdeen etc. 

Villa rentals are great value for money! For example, our four-bed four bath Vineyard Villas in Kathikas are only £78 per person per week in October, based on eight sharing, and the rate includes a hamper and Wi-Fi! Find them in our Budget Villas

At home feeling: Wear what you like, no dress code at the villas. (I have stayed at a hotel where they even “dressed” for breakfast.)

Pack light and save money on luggage! Our villas all have washing machines, so you have the freedom to do your laundry. You can pack lighter. Some clients only bring a small carry on case.

Happy children: Children love to say in villas as it often means they can have their own room. You can also request toys, as many of our clients leave their inflatables behind for later guests. We appreciate this. If you book a secluded villa like Villa Ampelitis,  Villa Aurora,  Villa Zephirine or Villa Quardia, then you have no immediate neighbours, so the children can make lots of noise, ask me

The local tavern will collect you and take you back free of charge when you go there for a meal. (Gerania taverna in the next village to Villa Ampelitis).  The food is good, and you will be eating with the locals.  Not having to drive means you can enjoy the evening with some drinks. This service is unique, ask me for more info

Villa rentals put you in a better location than a hotel, to enjoy the local culture.
Of course, Hotels are touristy, but our villa rentals aren’t located in the touristy parts of Cyprus so that you can experience authentic Cyprus. Find our Rural and Villages villas here

No plastic wristbands… do they still exist?

And I shall end on this saying: “A Cypriot will treat a stranger with the same warmth that he treats a friend.
I have found this to be true.

So if you have never stayed in a villa with a private pool, give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Find more information about how to provisionally book a villa and changeover days here
Irene Hare

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