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Travel insurance tips!

Don’t leave it until later! Get Travel Insurance as soon as you book any part of a holiday.

Travel Insurance is vital.

Booking your travel insurance at the same time as you book your holiday will cover you for your cancellation of your holiday from the moment you start your policy. This will give you peace of mind as well.

People often leave it until they are about to go, something unexpected happens, and they have no travel insurance cover, so cannot claim anything back.

If you are reading this, please ensure you and other members of your party have taken out Travel Insurance for your holiday.

We recently reminded clients to ensure they have taken out Travel Insurance as soon as they have booked any part of their holiday. My client Mr C, who I know has pre-existing medical conditions and is 81 years old, called me to confirm that he had almost given up getting affordable travel insurance (quotes between £2000 & £4000). He followed the tips below and called to advise me that he got an Annual Insurance for £205 with Insure and Go. Mr C. told me that Insure and Go phoned him to ensure the medical history was accurate. The couple can now enjoy his almost 50th trip to Paphos, Cyprus without worry.

Here are some companies you may wish to try;

After chatting on Sundance Villas Facebook Page about who our clients use for their travel insurance,  another client, Steve, says he always uses Insure and Go

All Clear Traveller is just one insurer who covers for pre-existing medical conditions

If you are struggling to get a reasonable quote have you tried WHICH?   A 1 month trial membership to Which? is only £1

Staysure were voted most trusted Travel Insurance provider by Moneywise in 2017.

I often refer to Money Saving Expert for holiday related information as they are extremely money minded.

Due to Monarch going bust in 2017, Cobalt in 2018, Thomas Cook in 2019 and Ryan Air cancelling flights, here is an interesting article:

Does your travel insurance cover an airline going bust?

In other words, read the small print!

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